“Weekends don’t count unless you spend part of them doing something completely pointless.” ~Bill Watterson

Ahhh, Sunday. I adore lazy Sunday’s. My vacation countdown is in full effect and with my weekend coming to a close, I have only one weekend left to get things done before my month long trip.

I was satisfied with my productivity this weekend; which is something I can’t often say!

Friday I had a long-overdue girls night up at my friend Molly’s beautiful house in Oceanside. She lives about an hour north so we RARELY make it up there! Her husband prepared tons of tasty tapas for us to gorge on and there was of course, plenty of wine and margaritas. It was a fun night and just what I was in the mood for. I’m still conserving precious brain cells to be sacrificed in Europe, so I’m glad we opted for a house gathering rather than a bar somewhere downtown where tequila shots always find their way to the table.

Saturday there was no sleeping in, since Kiyah had dance class bright and early at Balboa Park. I wrapped up my 4th Sookie book though, so it was time well spent for me! After watching the ridiculously long movie, Australia, it was time for me to get ready for the annual Junior Achievement Bowl-a-Thon my company sponsors. A little pizza, soda, mingling and bowling and I’m out of there and resuming my Saturday. FINALLY, I am getting to the shopping I needed to do for my trip! New light jacket… check, accessories and scarves to fancy up my basic clothing…check, converter…check. I purchased some euros already, with a hearty, “Damn you, conversion rate!” Next, oh yeah, I have a baby shower next weekend! I roll out of Babies-R-Us quite pleased with myself since I bought the gift early, rather than the usual hour before the shower purchases I’m so good at. I then realize it’s time for the promised dinner out I owe the kids. Off to the restaurant (yay, no cooking tonight!) and finally I’m back home to throw my PJ’s back on and just lounge.

Now here we are…Sunday already. While Sunday’s have the gloom of the upcoming work day tainting them, they are a great day for leaving PJ’s on, reading, and watching movies. I’m meeting a friend for more shopping and then for lunch, but after that… the couch, books, and DVDs  await!

One more weekend left …what am I forgetting?!?!

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