Favorite Moments

If I had to choose…

*Packing into the back of a car with my friend and two British boys, singing “I Just Called” by Stevie Wonder at the top of our lungs at 5am after a long night out in Rome…driving past the Coliseum. I still took the time to admire the building a midst the chaos in the car. I tried to get everyone to focus on it…they didn’t… I stared at it from the back window as we passed, then promptly joined back in on the song. Fantastic, random moment.

*Our homemade dinner in Tuscany following our cooking class. There was a group of 9 of us, enjoying the delicious food, sharing travel moments, and drinking wine.

*Getting lost in Venice. (Getting lost in Florence was NOT fun.)

*Renting a cart to drive through the gardens of Versailles and topping out at about 5 mph. We faux-crashed into multiple other cart drivers. The classical music being piped through the speakers really set the tone, especially when “rushing” back to meet the deadline.

*The bus ride along the Almafi Coast.

*Strolling through the Royal Palace of Madrid with Gian Carlo discussing the renovations we would make when we purchase it. It was also fun naming the rooms. SO fun. “Can I rent out the throne room for a fabulous party? SWEET 16!”

Staying up until sunrise with Ian and Tori in Sorrento listening to 90’s music and reminiscing fun moments when we were kids/teens that the songs reminded us of! Despite the nasty amaretto grappa Ian poured, we had a fun time looking through pictures and listening to music. Ian even did the cupid shuffle for me! Haha!

*Sitting at a table facing the water in Positano, drinking wine, and eating cheese with good company.

*Our random night in Montpelier. Joining Damien’s birthday party caravan was a great time! Dog piles in Place de la Comédie? Nighttime carousel rides? Rum & cokes in VIP when I don’t even like rum?  Santé!

*Sitting on our balcony at Manuel’s Guesthouse in the village of Monterosso, Cinque Terre above the town with wine, a book, and a pizza after days of cities and trains. I could’ve stayed there forever.

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