“I met a lot of people in Europe. I even encountered myself.” -James Baldwin

“I require” and “fantastic” now have regular, permanent presence in my vocabulary! Haha. (For you Arlene)

There is nothing cuter than a little kid speaking Italian. I am in love with their inflection. French is cute too.

It’s not cool not to be the keeper of drunken “Bon Voyage” pictures in Rome.

I caught myself saying “No grazie” to a co-worker offering me something yesterday.

Shout out to the DJ in Paris that stopped in the middle of a song to play my request! Very cool! I was expecting to wait a couple hours like I would here. That would never in a trillion years happen in San Diego.

Apparently, to many Europeans, I look Brazilian. (I was asked too many times to count) Or to confused tourists…Spanish… Huh?!I was stopped in Barcelona, by two girls, speaking English very slowly to me while asking directions. Lol.

I am committed to cooking pasta the Italian way from now on; with only fresh ingredients and no butter. The taste is so different and so much better.

It is embarrassing how much Europeans know about American politics and the rest of the world compared to most Americans. I found news about the US everywhere and was embarrassed I barely had a grasp on the happenings of the EU, nonetheless country specific news. One often has to find the one tab on CNN.com and shuffle through the news about the war to get a clue on Europeans events. I am improving this.

I will move to Europe for a least a few years.


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