Adventures at IKEA

First things first. I love IKEA. Everytime I get the new catalog, I browse through it considering a bunch of new ways I would like to ultra-organize my home. Last summer I re-did my living room and and office area so it’s now organized, complete with loads of bookcases. (that I have already managed to fill, and am now stacking books on their sides above other books. It’s a sickness, this book buying thing.) I now decided to organize the kids bedroom. Out with the old, in with the new. They are no longer “little” kids they tell me, so time to upgrade the room. Kiyah is really exploring her creative-self, so I want to create her an artist’s nook.


Saturday came around and off I go to. I am incapable of going to IKEA in less than an hour or… two and this visit was no different. When I finally reached the warehouse at the end of the store, I was told the desk, in the color I wanted, I wanted was out of stock. Noooo! He said it will be in tomorrow. I am SUCH A procrastinator, that once I have committed to something I absolutely cannot fathom having to get that urge to do it again. After an internal temper tantrum, I headed to the self checkout, shoulders drooped, with Kiyah convincing me she wouldn’t mind a black desk instead. I considered it…but it would throw off the whole room and I would have to change everything else, so decided no. Well, after ringing up the first item (the blue bag you have to purchase because IKEA doesn’t use paper or plastic anymore and I forgot to bring the one I already own) the stocker guy came up to me and said he found my desk! How sweet that he was searching for me in the hordes of shoppers checking out.

Now, after this two hour shopping experience, I wheeled out my purchases and realized…the desk box was a big too big for my tiny Mazda. Luckily, a very nice gentleman helped me Tetris the box into my car. When I was first wheeling the desk up, he saw me and said… “No, no. Muy grande, muy grande. NO.“ while shaking his head. I refused to believe it…until we tried to squeeze it in the backseat. “How about this angle? Pull! Now push! Try this angle. Nooo… pull the front seat back…now push the seat up…now put the desk here.” Finally…it fit! Phew! I was SO glad. I absolutely REFUSED to have to come back with the only friend I know with a truck. Unlike the Midwest, trucks aren’t so common in San Diego! Somehow I found a tiny nook in the backseat for Kiyah to sit, covered in bags, on the way home! After other errands, I was happy to be home, but still had to organize the kids room. I swear I had them prepare the room a bit, but it sure didn’t seem so. The purging took FOR-E-VER! It lasted into Sunday…BUT the good news is they room is much reduced and organized. I was annoyed, that after the two hour spree, I forgot the one simple thing I wanted for MY room. All the stuff I bought for theirs…and I forgot a couple boxes of these hooks that cost $3.99! Dangit! I was hoping to use them to organize my necklaces, hats, and scarves finally. *sigh* Anyway, I will have to go back this weekend. Besides, I need another new bookcase!

2 responses to “Adventures at IKEA

  1. I went to IKEA this weekend in Frisco, Texas. Ohmygosh madness for 3 hours and it’s an hour drive to get there. I already want to go back. I feel in love with a dining room table that I couldn’t haul home, plus I couldn’t find the kitchen organizers. Ahhh! *lol* I felt cheated I only purchased a few things. I bet the room looks great!


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