Favorites of 2011

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.” – T.S. Elliot

Favorite Moments/Events
*3rd Europe trip!! Adored traveling Sicily with my friend, Jenn, that I met in Italy two years prior! I was forced to pick up more Italian and try new seafoods that I really came to enjoy. After Sicily, I got to spend time in my former favorite cities around Italy and London with my mom. Just what I needed at the time… a proper break with proper relaxation and experiences.

*Vegas trip!! Great, long weekend, with friends I don’t hang out with enough. It was a fun group and a perfect balance of pool parties, lounging in the sun, laughter, dancing, and nights out.

Favorite books read in 2011
*”The Hunger Games” trilogy by Suzanne Collins – Clever, yet disturbing, distopic series. Quick reads that suck you in!

*”The Help” by Kathryn Stockett – An uplifting book portraying real life in the midst of civil rights movement in Mississippi. Yet the book isn’t directly about the Civil Rights movements, but rather about the everyday life of the black “help” and the white housewives.

*”Blonde” by Joyce Carol Oates – A fictionalized biography capturing the life of the tragic, but fascinating Marilyn Monroe. Blonde does a great job at capturing the ‘true’ inner turmoil of the glamorous Hollywood star that seemed to want nothing more than to be truly loved.

*Black Swan – Intense and beautiful. I don’t think I blinked for most of the movie.
*Last Night (2010) – It’s a wonderfully real and mature movie about marriage… and temptation. <3. To me, the underlying question is what is worse; pure lust and sex… or really LOVING another person…but not physically cheating. “…in the middle of most nights when I can’t sleep… I still replay… you.”
*Inception – What a great flick. Fantastic concept and original story idea. I think I held my breath for the entire second half.*Inglorious Basterds
*Friends With Benefits
*The Help

TV Shows
*Gossip Girl – Yep. Still. Guilty pleasure.
*Modern Family – Was told I have been missing out and spent a few marathon days catching up on the two seasons. Hilarious show. I ❤ Cam!
*The Big Bang Theory

Music Most Played in iPod
*Christina Perri – “Black & Blue (Live at Ocean Way)” – I listened to this entire EP over and over while patiently waiting for her full album to come out after torturous single by single releases. It was worth the wait.
*Adele – “One & Only” – After the brilliance that was 19, I didn’t know if Adele could duplicate such a great album, but she did… with 21. I love so many of the songs, but this was a particular favorite.
*The Pretty Reckless – “My Medicine” – I can’t help, but sing along to this on the way to work.
*Mike Posner – “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” – Heard this song at a happy hour with a great friend and immediately became addicted. It mostly reminded me of good times.
*Jeremih – “Down on Me” – I spent more time at the clubs and bars that I had recently and I think it woke of my dormant interest in hip-hop songs. This song makes me want to go out. Also, reminded me of some great nights… including the Vegas trip.
*Lil Wayne – “How to Love” – Yes, a Lil Wayne song… but it’s not classic Lil Wayne, and it’s worthy of replay after replay.



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