Things I Learned in Syracuse

I’ve Learned…

*that famous astronomer, Archimedes, was born here in 287 BC.

*there are many civilizations that ruled Syracuse. After the Romans, who conquered the Greeks fell, it was ruled by the Normans, Arabs, Spaniards and many more.

*that there are loads of ancient sites and ruins hiding away in Syracuse.

*the entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

*the marsh is significant! It’s based on the legend of Arethusa & Alpheios. At the time we only remembered a man telling us something about mingling waters.

*that there are very few people that can actually pull off a Speedo.

2 responses to “Things I Learned in Syracuse

  1. Ah yes, Italian men in their speedos. Some of them should be arrested, shouldn’t they?
    I’ve seen some men on beaches here who looked as if they had just bought two lemons and a banana and were trying to carry them home in a credit card holder.


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