Beautiful Taormina

Today an hour-long bus rides takes us up the coast to the popular resort town of Taormina. Finding the ticket office, was more difficult than the ride! In Catania, there is no central ticketing office (sounds like Palermo, no?), instead the offices are separated by the bus companies … and there are 4 or 5 companies spread out over multiple city blocks surrounding the bus parking lots. Many of the offices are also found in bars or tobacco shops, displaying only a tiny sign announcing the ticket sales. Suffice to say, we eventually got our ticket in the fourth shop only 9 inquiries later.

In Taormina, I’m reminded of the Almafi Coast with it’s gorgeous views of dark blue water, the hillside resort town, and the small meandering streets of cobblestone filled with pastry, pesto, and clothing shops. Every side street presents a postcard view. I want to take an endless amount of photos to capture moments that no pictures can ever do justice. We stopped in so, so, many shops; Jenn cannot resist any pastry shop and I can’t resist any pesto shop. We have no agenda… leisure at its best.

There is a famous Greek Theatre in Taormina, but neither of us felt the need to enter. It was beautiful from the outside! I love historical places and ruins, but I get so much more out of them when I know the history. After hours of la dolce vita, we head down to Isola Bella, the main beach. A funicular takes you directly down the cliff that Taormina perches on. With the beautiful beach ahead, we get stuck in a Tetris of stairs; feet away from the turquoise water, but unable to reach it! While I did enjoy the lovely views and pathways, I was happy to finally touch the sand after a round-about detour. I love the Sicilian look: beautiful scenes co-mingled with distressed, almost abandoned looking buildings… that still maintain charm.

Jenn and I order drinks at the solo restaurant, and spend the rest of our afternoon on the beach people watching, snacking on a shared pizza, and laughing about past travel moments. Pure relaxation found in this beautiful coastal town.

8 responses to “Beautiful Taormina

    • Thanks! I thought the same about that pic. It was a gorgeous area.

      I bought 4 jars to take home and one to eat at dinner. It was tricky since we flew Ryan Air to London along the way… and you know they have strict baggage weight rules!

      • True flying Ryan Air is difficult because you have to watch the baggage limit. However I flew my daughter from London to Bratislava and I flew there from Italy, we had 2 days together and the total cost of the flights there and back for was 48 euros each. The taxi from the hotel in Bratislava to the airport was 49!!!


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