“Let’s Just See What Happens”

Following our day of racing the clock and sipping wine in Marsala, we thought it would be smart to spend our evening more on the side that is WINE and less on the side that is RUSHING. A leisurely dinner is just the ticket.

With nothing particular in mind, we set off along Via Roma popping down side streets at random. Our goal being only to see what sparks our interest. Success! After securing one of the few unreserved tables in the lovely little restaurant we chose, we hung our jackets and promptly ordered a bottle of wine. After all, this was to be the entertainment of the night… so we made ourselves comfortable. Knowing that Sicily has deliciously fresh seafood, I decided to just roll with my new favorite motto, “Let’s Just See What Happens” and ordered something I couldn’t read on the menu. I was certainly not disappointed when the waiter brought me a plate of fresh mussels on a bed of pasta with light lemon and butter sauce. As we enjoyed our antipasti , wine and dinner to the fullest, Jenn and I enjoyed ourselves discussing life, love, travel and adventure. Throughout our slow meal, we noticed an older couple at another table that had that hard-to-capture quiet comfort and affection with each other that one only hopes to find or sustain.

With our plates relatively empty and the last of the wine finished, we begrudgingly left our cozy haven and walked back out onto the streets to enjoy the Palermo night. We passed large packs of people filling the side streets outside of small bars. With the bars already full, the patrons spilled out into the streets giving the effect of a block party.

I think my favorite spot was the bar named “drunks.” Lower-case d, written in english, with a period.



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