Palermo: Will the pigeons EVER leave me be?

After the siesta, we were back on the streets… strolling along Via Roma to Teatro Massimo and then back to a classic shopping market. It was one of those long stretches of purses, clothing, sunglasses, perfumes and scarves that one always wanders down, but never seems to buy anything at. The same happened for us. We continued walking and found ourselves back at the same pastry shop from earlier in the afternoon, but stopped to enjoy an apertivo since it was early evening and to soon for dinner. Prosecco for Jenn and red wine for me. What was a perfectly relaxing evening, was almost ruined by incredibly bold pigeons that not only loomed, but were actually ready to hop on our table in hopes of snagging the nuts and chips on display. I blame the old man at the table next to us with his chips carelessly strewn about the table and at least four pigeons pecking away at them. Ew. I shudder just remembering. I kept my cool fairly decently, but the fat, overfed creatures definitely bothered me. Anybody who knows me or has been following along, knows I am scared of birds… especially pigeons!

A couple of nervous encounters and great conversation later.. we made our way to a restaurant on the back alleys of the La Vucchira market area we were at before. It appears to be a sketchy area at night, but  walking down the steps you see it actually transforms into an outdoor bar of sorts. Floods of people spill out into the street since there isn’t actually enough space in the tiny bar. The streets ARE the bar. People chat and smoke, music plays, and it’s your standard Friday night scene on a warm spring night. We note that the restaurant doesn’t actually seem to be opened… or opened, but unlocked… it’s strange but we’re to hungry to linger and find our way to another spot where I decided to just guess at the translation on the menu and find myself with a seafood risotto… consisting of mussels, octopus, clams and shrimp.

I’m not a seafood aficionado by any far stretch of the word, but I’m on an island.. known for seafood… so I figure “When in Rome Palermo…”

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