Too Many Flights…

I have arrived! I am writing from my B&B in Palermo, Sicily. And… I’m writing on the first day! Pretty impressive already if I may say so myself… considering the debacle of posting during my trip last year.

There was quite a build-up to my arrival this year. My 3 day work event in Los Angeles forced me to pack on Friday night and while I’m pleased that my bag is light… I feel like I might have under-packed! I’ve been so busy and distracted the days before my departure that I’ve barely had time to think about how excited I was to be going back to Italy that it snuck up on me. I honestly didn’t seem to really catch on until I walked out onto the streets of Palermo today!

It was a long… LONG… journey getting here. I boarded my flight at 5:30pm from LAX and didn’t actually land here in Palermo until 11:00pm a day and a half later. 22 hours of travel that amounts to with the time difference. Nobody ever said it was easy to get to Sicily from the US… with no straights flights (via layover or not).

The journey amounted to:

5:35pm – Finally on the flight after 3 hours in the airport. Minus the pleasant body-scan… the checking in process was far faster than ever before. Good job LAX. On the flight, I was surrounded by a British military/parachute team that flies to California twice a year. This amounted to friendly conversation and a lot of overhearing standard guy banter consisting of inappropriate jokes and teasing.

9pm – Somewhere over the US… excited that Virgin Atlantic has LOADS of movie choices. I started with Love & Other Drugs. *thoughts* Jake Gyllenhaal in this movie looks eerily similar to someone I know. Also, Anne Hathaway really does have cartoon eyes. Also, non-stop or not… 10 1/2 hours is too long to sit in one seat.

12pm – London time. I spent the longest layover of my life at Heathrow and napped alot. *thoughts* I wonder if I could be one of those people that sleep with their luggage on a bench at the airport.  ……   Yes, yes I can be. *thoughts an hour later* This is soooooo long! Why don’t I have a phone? Or a jacket?!

5:30pm – Finally board plane number 2 en route to Milan… where I have the shortest layover in history (just long enough to get to the next gate) *only thoughts.* Ohhh, Milan looks so pretty at night… I’m finally back in Italy! … I can’t believe I still have another flight! … I’m so tired!

5:35pm – (or so it felt) Board plane number 3 en route to Palermo… finally! *thoughts after man says a simple ‘buongiorno’* Crap. Why haven’t I been practicing Italian? Why is my Italian dictionary in my checked luggage… I could have used all this travel time productively. Why am I so ill-prepared?!

Right now – I made it. That’s the good news. I’m back in Italy for the next 3 weeks. Whoo hoo!

**More later – It’s siesta time, but the shops and restaurants are about to open back up so I need to wake up Jenn.

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