Things I Learned in Prague

1. Prague is one of few major cities in Central/Eastern Europe not to get destroyed during the War.

2. The Old Jewish Cemetery is estimated to have 100,000 graves layered upon each other; though there are only around 10,000 tombstones at the top.

3. That puppets or marionettes are everywhere. (Does that sound creepy? I mean the puppets are in shops, not like, around street corners. Eitherway, puppets are unsettling… and everywhere. *shudder*)

4. In the 1969, Jan Palach, a student at Charles University climbed up a hill facing Wenceslas Square, and set himself on fire to protest at the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia.

5. Mozart and Prague have a special relationship. While Vienna was less than kind, Prague enthusiastically embraced his The Marriage of Figaro, and excitedly welcomed him from then on. Don Giovanni premiered in Prague. He later said of Prague, “Meine Prager verstehen mich.” (My Praguers understand me)

6. The lettered Hebrew clock (on the Jewish Town Hall building) runs counterclockwise, just below the standard Roman numeral clock.

7. Prague is one of my new favorite cities. Full of so much history, beauty, and charm that I’m not surprised at all why I have heard it’s praises time and time again.

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