The End of the Road: Prague Castle

“If European cities were a necklace, Prague would be a diamond among the pearls.” – anonymous

My last day in Prague and unofficial last day of the trip is upon me. (the ‘official’ last night will be spent in Frankfurt, before my morning flight) After a farewell breakfast with the guys, I walked around window shopping. I could walk around Prague for ages, getting lost in alleyways, admiring the medieval façade and romanticism of the city. I’ve decided to join the tour for Prague Castle since I love all things royal and have major deficits in my knowledge of Czech Republic history, formerly, Czechoslovakia. The Prague Castle walking tour led us all around the grounds of the “largest Gothic castle” in the world! The guide wasn’t fantastic, but the content and sites were. We wandered to some breathtaking view points above Prague with its red rooftops stretching out below us and the river winding through. I’m so smitten with this city!

On the Palace tour we saw the gothic St. Vitus Cathedral that served as a coronation site and holds the tombs of many Bohemian Kings and Holy Roman Emperors. The tour also took us around several palaces, a monastery, gardens, towers, and museums (including the large toy and Barbie museum). We even saw the setting for the film ‘Amadeus.’ A highlight for me was the tiny fairy-tale like houses that make up the Golden Lane. Dating from the 15th century, this quaint lane with its historic houses was named for the many goldsmiths that lived there. At the end of the Golden Lane, we happened across a macabre statue based on another Kafka character. This man being weighed down by a giant skull certainly catches your attention as you reach the end of the lane.

Walking back down the castle hill, I popped into a restaurant to enjoy a classic meal of beef and dumplings before spending my last evening back in the Old Town Square listening to music and simply trying to absorb it all before catching an all-day train to Frankfurt the next day.

All good things must come to an end.

At least temporarily.

10 responses to “The End of the Road: Prague Castle

  1. I had a friend who spent a month in Prague and she told me of her love for daily walks through the alleyways, getting lost and not caring, just falling into the moment and never wanting it to end.

    Your Prague posts have caused me to fall in love with the city from afar.

  2. Once again, your fantastic writing abilities and excellent photography skills, make me feel as if I am taking the journey with you….and I should have been, but not all of us get 4+ weeks a year to travel!!!

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