More to come soon

Life gets in the way…. and I’ve become less and less apt to writing on the road. I have certainly been journaling along the way and will absolutely translate my journeys from paper to computer. SOON!

I can’t wait to share my adventures in Costa Rica..

APRIL: In Monteverde, Costa Rica… after a day of ziplining

… my cross-country roadtrip from San Diego to New York City! …

MAY:  Central Park

…or Hawaii’s ability to make me a new fan of tropical vacations. Well, not that I ever DISLIKED tropical vacations… I’ve just always preferred cultural and historical ones… but I foresee many more island jaunts in the future.

JUNE: My view on many days in Hawaii

To be continued… in proper detail.

3 responses to “More to come soon

    • Yes! I did a cross-country road trip with a friend who was moving to Philadelphia! I have so much to see though since I was just barely there.


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