The start of my solo-traveling…

“Only fools want to travel all the time. Sensible men want to arrive.” – Metternick

While spending over an hour on the runway at the Leeds/Bradford airport, I was feeling grateful that I had a cushion of time before my overnight train from Düsseldorf left the station. This gratefulness fizzles away while I wander the dark, nearly empty station at midnight… waiting for a train that is also delayed. I’m officially solo-traveling at this point in my trip and there are no attendees at this time of night. I’m on my own figuring out where I need to be to catch the right train, which isn’t as easy as it should have been since the platform changed.

The fact the train is late has me paranoid for a while, worrying that I missed it standing at the wrong platform. A few fellow travelers and I spend a good amount of time glancing at each other trying to determine if we were all going the same place or if the other might know where our train is. Through all of this waiting, I’m suddenly starving and break my travel rule of not eating McDonald’s nuggets as it’s my only food option. (I actually have an all-the-time rule of never eating McDonald’s) I will admit though, the curry dipping sauce Germany has isn’t so bad. I mean as far as standards of fast food go.

Finally, another train pulls up and the friendly conductor confirms that this is finally the overnight to Berlin… the overnight train connecting in Dortmund… where (luckily) we’ll find the Dortmund train also delayed. Here I thought the Germans were notorious for their punctuality in transportation. 😉 An hour after the scheduled departure, I’m finally dropping my luggage and trying to get comfortable on my couchette to catch a few hours of sleep before arriving in Berlin at 6am.

Welcome to Germany?

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