Things I Learned in Yorkshire

A spot o’ tea

* I learned that “Tea Time” is actually “Dinner” time.

* There is a noted difference between Southerners (Londoners) and Northerners. It seems the opinions are that Northerners think Southerners can be stuck up and unfriendly, while Southerners tend to consider Northerners brash and common. Ha! Like East Coast vs. West Coast? Maybe not.

*I learned that I prefer Northerners! Perhaps I’m not the only one?

*I learned in Brit-speak (or the King’s English) cookies are small snacks, and biscuits are cookies. What American’s call biscuits… are scones or buns. Wrap your head around that… full circle. Also, crisps are chips and chips are fries. I could go on and on. And here we thought we spoke the same language!

*I learned who Guy Fawkes was.

*I learned Brits cannot understand the way I say water since don’t use a hard ‘T’.

*I learned what a moor is. No joke, but I made it through Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights without ever really understanding what the hell a moor was. The characters were just always running through them or gazing out at them, without every properly describing.

*I learned… a lot about Vikings. 🙂

*I learned… or confirmed… that one can never spend too much time in a bookstore.

10 responses to “Things I Learned in Yorkshire

    • Thanks. There are so many little things I learned! It was great talking to Bex and Kirsty about the cultural and language differences especially. Can’t wait to join you when YOU go!

  1. Did you know that Northerners like whippits, cobs (sandwich to you and me), buuuses, ruuucksacks and call everyone love – I’m a Southerner who lived in the North for a long time and would never think of going back to London – njice post

  2. Ahhh, may I congratulate you on your excellent taste in prefering Northerners! 😉

    And I absolutely agree that one can never spend too much time in a bookstore (although they are bookshops over here, Tisha – maybe you need to come back soon to learn that rule properly ;))

  3. I’ve spent hours discussing the language differences with my Canadian better half!

    You can never spend too much time in… Yorkshire 😉


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