Yorkshire: Until we meet again

“A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles.” – Tim Cahill

My final morning in Yorkshire brings me more villages, castles, and books.

After our day in York, we said farewell to Kirsty as she jumped on a train back to Manchester, so Becca and I ventured off alone on my last day in Yorkshire. I packed in the morning, so we could enjoy the day up until the moment I had to check-in for my flight to Germany later in the afternoon.

We head to another lovely town, Splitwick… or maybe it was Flitwick. Wait.. Skipton! (thank goodness for my trusty notes!) I love the names of so many British towns. Some of my favorite are: Bastardstown (where some of my exes might be from), Westward Ho, Nasty, No Place,  and wait for it… Butthole Lane. Yes, you heard correctly.

Well, back in Skipton, it’s market day; everyone is out selling their wares. Everything from flowers to clothing to DVDs is available as we wander through, en route to another bookstore. I know, I know… but we really find this to be a great way to spend time!

We do head up to check out Skipton Castle for a bit before grabbing lunch. Skipton Castle  is an impressively preserved castle from the Middle Ages.  Built in 1090. 900 years ago?! Wow.

At lunch I finally, for the first time, opt to enjoy some fish & chips. We munch our lunch on a wall as we wrap up the morning. Soon we’re back in the car and I’m back at the airport (where I’ll spend an hour on the runway waiting for winds to die down) on my way to Düsseldorf to catch an overnight train to Berlin.

I fell in love with Northern England and am very lucky to have a friend like Becca to introduce me to so many lovely places. She took time out of her schedule to not only show me around, but she planned out places based on my interests and what I loved most. Thank you again… so much Bex! I cannot wait to visit you again and enjoy more of the charms of Yorkshire!

4 responses to “Yorkshire: Until we meet again

  1. I know I’ve said this before, but, as an American, it’s hard to wrap my mind around the realization of a castle that is almost a millennium old! Amazing! Next time you go, take me with you! 🙂


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