Back in time with the Brontës, books, and bath oils

Yorkshire, England 3/12/2010

Haworth Village, West Yorkshire

“I’ve dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they’ve gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind.” – Emily Brontë

After picking Kirsty up at the station, we drive to Haworth village in West Yorkshire, home to the Brontë sisters. It is a very picturesque village of brown stone homes and cobblestone streets. The quaint shops lining the main road down a hill add to the charm, reminding me of a small theme park village or a movie set. It’s hard to believe a village this pictorial exists. Naturally… its set atop a hill overlooking long stretches of countryside, or the Pennine moors to be exact, with houses spotted about in the distance. Naturally. Unsurprisingly, we three bibliophiles spend a good amount of time in a small book shop we come across, than grab a quick lunch. The server has difficulty understanding my request for water; I’m told it’s because my pronunciation uses a ‘d’ instead of the very British ‘t.’ Wadder vs. Wah-tah. How common of me. 😉 After eventually receiving my beverage, I opt to order the Yorkshire pudding. When in Yorkshire… and all. I actually have no idea what Yorkshire pudding is and the girls both can’t really explain it, stating they’ve never actually been asked that question! They state, “Everyone just knows what it is.” When the server returns with the dish, I see it’s a bit like an open-faced potpie. A pastry crust bowl, with beef and brown gravy… and it’s very tasty!

Rose & Co. shop front

After lunch, we pop in and out of small shops, including a true Apothecary shop! I flash back in time. Rose & Co. is historically decorated and filled with small tins of balm, bottles of perfume and fancy soaps. Cosmetics and bath oils mingle beside vintage photos and board games. In the very back of the store is a “Sweets Shop” filled with old-fashioned candies in brown paper wrapping. I see a long wall lined with large tins of bath powder, and am very tempted to buy a bit of rose-water or patchouli. Too bad I have no room in my suitcase for many souvenirs; though I would certainly fill it with books if I did as I’ve already had to pass up quite a collection. I’ve instead noted all the titles for purchase later.

Back outside, we finally head to the Brontë home only to find it closed! We’ve spent so much time in the bookstore that we’ve completely missed the house! None of us seem to mind at all and share a good laugh about how typical of us to miss the main site in town for old books.

At least I got a picture of the outside…

After our lovely day, we returned to Becca’s gorgeous house in Wakefield, where I unpack in the guest room/library. I thought I had a lot of books, but Becca has greatly outdone me. What a lucky girl! Her husband, Dave, has prepared dinner for us and the four of us wind down the day around the table chatting and recapping our wonderful day.

I truly adore Yorkshire.

8 responses to “Back in time with the Brontës, books, and bath oils

  1. Ahhh, this is making me go all warm and fuzzy thinking about it. Ha ha, I had forgotten all about the “wadder” incident and that we couldn’t decribe a yorkshire pudding for you.

    Missing the main attraction for a bookshop sort of set a precedent for the next day too, did it not…? 😉

    • Lol! That’s when my “common-ness” began! It ended with the tea incident in York. 😉

      I love remembering the small details. They’re what really make the trips for me.

  2. Okay, so now I want to move there. Haha. Great post…sounds like a dream of a place! And I really want to taste yorkshire pudding!

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