It’s Time for Another Hiatus…

Yep, it's time.

It’s been about a year.. so true to form, I’m getting antsy.

I feel like I never get a day off work; because I try to save my vacation time up for a long trip. I feel like I’m losing balance… getting pulled in too many directions and when it rains it pours. I feel like I can’t possibly do another spreadsheet or plan another event without losing my mind to the routine. I feel like if I get re-asked another question I’ve already answered one… more… time… my head actually might explode. I feel like I need to be on the move. I feel like I need a change of scene. I feel like I need to experience something new. I feel like I need history, and culture, and art, and unexpected moments!

When all of this starts happening, I have learned to recognize it’s often because I’m overdue for a change of pace, a breath of fresh air, another trip abroad. In 2 or 3 short years, travel has evolved from something I dreamt of, to something I adored, to something that’s necessary. I’m glad I found it; it’s made me more content in my city; my home. I no longer feel like when I get stagnant or maybe even bored… that I need to move away… or change careers… or some other drastic measure in search of something invigorating. My short stint away from everyday responsibilities and from all that is familiar or routine refreshes me. Maybe sometimes I need to step away from all that I love so much, so I can come back and re-appreciate it all over again like it’s brand new. In a nutshell…it’s morphed into something I not only crave, but require.

So… my next trip is on deck. It snuck up on me this year. This year has brought about a new level of “busy” I wasn’t prepared for and it resulted in me going through the motions of planning a trip, but not really having time to sit down and think about it… to get excited about it. Now it’s a couple of days away. It’s here… almost without me noticing! I have a short business event in Los Angeles tomorrow that lasts a few days, and then I’m jumping on a plane to Sicily (via London & Milan because Sicily is not easy to get into from the States)… and won’t return for a month.

Despite everything I’ve said, I’m leaving in a content state of mind. In the past, I’ve left in a state of overflowing excitement and if someone would have asked about this trip me a week or two ago, I would have had a very different response. I would have been fleeing! I would have been escaping everything I didn’t want to deal with (or couldn’t)… but in the last few days multiple stresses have been resolved, magically? with a significant amount of energy and effort, leaving me with not only peace, but… ahhh…. contentment. My constant search for contentment… (Perhaps, I’m now leaving with even a teensy, tiny, microscopic amount of bittersweet. *shhhh*)

So off I go, to explore some of my favorite cities again; to see the things I missed and experience, again, all the things I loved so much the first time. I’m going back to Italy. I’m going to revel in my love for all things Italian… and top it off with a short stay in London on my way home.


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