Seriously, Rembrandt, no offense!

“Practice what you know, and it will help to make clear what now you do not know.” – Rembrandt

Our second day in Amsterdam started in the late hours of the morning, considering the rest needed after the night before. One might even say it started in the afternoon.

Regardless, after a bit of unnecessary anxiety I hope we never have to experience again we decided the afternoon would be well spent at one of the museums. Passing up Van Gogh, we opted to explore the Rijkmuseum across town. I know I said how walkable Amsterdam was, and that was true, it was a pleasant walk… but a long one. We took advantage of one of the many trams on the way back without a second thought.

The bicycle, the bicycle surely, should always be the vehicle of novelists and poets. ~Christopher Morley

Scenic route well-explored, we entered the Rijkmuseum and took our time. After plenty of slow strolling past exhibits…. admiring and inquiring we started nearing the end.  Here we found the popular Rembrandt wing, where I sat with one of the museum’s laminated guides, to study the paintings and appreciate one of the Netherlands’ own. At this point, I discovered perhaps it wasn’t the best museum day after all since I almost dozed off. Yep, right there on the square couch in the middle of the room. Actually, I think I did doze off for about 3 split seconds. Now, I love art museums, but that day I learned it doesn’t matter how much you enjoy something… a quiet, controlled temperature, after a late night out isn’t conducive for recovery day excitement. It’s very conducive for a nap, however.

**Short aside – I’m would bet money that this would never happen to me at the Uffizi though. I couldn’t doze off in front of Artemisia Gentileschi or any Botticelli surely. I mean, surely! But no offense to Rembrandt… I was really tired!

At that point, we decided it was best to get back out on the streets. Walking out, we noticed the I AMSTERDAM sign Kenia was hoping to see right across the street in a little park. Pretty convenient, since I don’t remember seeing a dot on our map stating “I AMSTERDAM sign here” so who knows when we would’ve found it. Actually, it probably was on the map somewhere. Amsterdam is a pretty smart place.

In case not on YOUR map… it’s located at Museumplein square.

Back in the main square near our hostel, the Dam Square, (really, it’s called the Dam Square) we perused a couple of shops, munched on some french fries, and took our time sipping coffee at a small coffee bar while writing out postcards to friends or family. There is also definitely fun people watching to be had in Dam Square. We lingered into the evening and spent that night with some of our new friends or other people we had crossed paths with. At some point in the night, I remember discussing marriage arrangements with a new Italian friend. Things started well, but we couldn’t compromise on the issue of childcare or which Italian city we would live in. Ah! I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. C’est la vie.

I will return to Amsterdam… our short stay was a memorable one.


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