Things I Learned in Paris… the 2nd time.

I discovered plenty my first time in Paris… but still learned more on round two.

*There are more pigeons than in Italy. Fat pigeons… and lost pigeons.

*Drivers look at you and only see a moving target.

*When in a group… do NOT rush and jump into a Metro train with closing doors, thus separating yourself from your friends.

*That I need to learn what “terroirs” are… and how they go with wine.

*Children are not welcome ANYWHERE in Paris… except gardens apparently. I never noticed before, but they’re scarce!

*I am willing to sacrifice a hand to frostbite to get the perfect photo.

*The French like to drink everything out of wine glasses.

*Parisians really do sauces, desserts, and quiches brilliantly.

*Finally… I learned I still cannot pronounce French words.


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