This is not ‘Springtime in Paris’…

Ma mère et moi.

Ma mère et moi.

“The first thing that strikes a visitor to Paris is a taxi.” – Fred Allen

Stomachs full after our tasty quiche quiches… well… however-you-describe-more-than-one-quiche… after that, we made our way to see the highlights of Paris since this was the first visit for my travel partners. Already in the Latin Quarter, we started at Notre Dame, where I again took too many photos. We then made our way along the Seine, past the Palais de Justice, and continued on our way to the Louvre. This was very similar to the route Arlene and I took before, but the biggest difference I noted was how inappropriately COLD Paris was in March! It was even colder than London! London… who gets a bad rap for having crap weather. Obviously Paris isn’t always the lovely, romantic “Paris in the Springtime” city we all shamefully imagine, but one can dream, no? This being said, sometimes we would round a corner under the sun, away from the ice-blasting wind and it was almost nice. 🙂

Entering the large courtyard of the Louvre, I admired how empty it is! It was certainly not tourist season yet and was nice to see what museum might be like on a ‘normal?’ day.

It’s all mine!

We continued through my former favorite spot in Paris, Jardin des Tuileries, but didn’t linger since one of my friends was in desperate need of a bathroom. We quickly learned this is a bad situation to be in while wandering around Paris, since there are seemingly NO toilettes to be found anywhere. We sped across a deadly roundabout, dodging cars that I briefly paused to ponder (once safely across) how they avoid hitting not only us, but each other since there are no lines… and everyone weaves in and out en route to their specific turn. We cruised down the Champs Elysée and still had trouble finding a bathroom. Finally we found a pay toilette and it was easily the fanciest bathroom I’d ever seen. Each room… not stall… but “room” had a separate artistic theme; futuristic, Renaissance, Victorian etc. I guess if you have to pay, it’s nice to have a surprise. (Update* Re-reading this post, after a comment from an unsavory friend, I can’t help but realize how sketchy that last comment could sound. I assure you, I simply meant… oh nevermind.)

We spent the rest of the late afternoon strolling the Champs Elysée with the idea to reach the Eiffel Tower while there was still a bit of sun left. Little did we know we were entering the least organized Metro station… ever.

3 responses to “This is not ‘Springtime in Paris’…

  1. I love it! Great job, Tish!!!! You truly captured the whole experience perfectly! I love reliving it all… as I become enthralled in your descriptions and the way you bring it all to life! It’s funny how… I will never forget how bitter cold it was (and doing my share of grumbling, for sure)… and yet now, I get warm when I am taken back because I now know that it was SO WORTH it! We couldn’t capture the whole thing in our photos..up close…but will forever be embedded in our memories! Aaaahhhhhhh!!!!

    • It is funny how the supposedly miserable moments are amusing in hindsight. Haha. I bet you even look back fondly on our endless walk through ALL the neighborhoods of London that night. 🙂

  2. I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to stand in front of the Louvre and know you’ll have the run of the place. Great pic too!


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