The Return From a Long Absence

“Procrastination is like a credit card; it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.” -Christopher Parker

I’m baaaacccccckkkk!

Ok, here I am. Finally back from a long, excuse riddled absence. Despite my good intentions, my mental commitments, and my self-flagellation,  I have managed to spectacularly exceed the level of procrastination I previously thought I was capable of. I’ve learned that blogging is kind of like going to the gym. If you miss a few weeks, then the thought of getting back in the habit is more difficult and more dreadful with every day that passes.

I could offer a list of excuses that would fall apart under any real scrutiny, so I won’t talk about how my work life exploded and consumed my life so completely it made me cringe at the thought of being on a computer at home. I won’t talk about moving, my horrible fantasy football year, or about the fact that having 5th graders provides a kind of stress nobody has ever prepared me for. I won’t go into any of that.

I’ll just say I’m back and damned-determined to finally finish capturing my last adventures abroad… because… exciting news… I’m going back! The month of April will be spent wandering my way across Italy again, this time starting on the island of Sicily. I’ll end with a stint in London, which funny sadly enough is supposedly where I still am according to this blog!  Anybody, who was following along at the time must surely think I got lost in the London Tube!

Wish me luck!

4 responses to “The Return From a Long Absence

  1. Tisha, I know EXACTLY what you mean! My blog is being woefully neglected at the moment (as is my reading) because everything else in my life is taking over and my poor brain can’t cope with anything more.

    Really hope I get to see you in London! Still waiting to hear dates of when I’m away but will let you know ASAP – it would be so great to meet up again 🙂

    • Right?! It’s nuts Bex! You would think if I’m not blogging, I’m at least reading… but nope. None of the above. I did start Katherine though, hope I’m not too far behind you!

      I really have my fingers crossed you are able to come down with Kirsty! Excited!

  2. Nice to have you back, T! I look forward to your wonderful posts, esp. when you resume your European travels.


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