When not to use your Oyster Card

It’s 6:30. We’re rushing.

Kenia’s friend, Amit, told us all about his lovely village, Little Gaddesden, when we were at dinner the first night in London. He sold us on the quaintness, the castle, the stone fence that was used in the movie “Stardust,” and the Whomping Willow from “Harry Potter.” It all resides in his tiny town.

So there we were, that evening, behind schedule en route to buy our ticket out of the city to spend some time in the country. First train station… doesn’t connect to Berkhamsted. (Of course not *ahem* Murphy) Next train station… tickets purchased… look at the clock… 4 minutes until the train leaves! We first attempt to be civilized people, strolling to our platform, but quickly throw the behavior to the wind and sprint down the corridors. I fly through the ticket gate. Ready to jump on the waiting train, I turn around and there are Kenia and Mom… struggling at the gate! Time is ticking as they try to insert their ticket front, back, and sideways to no avail. I eyeball the waiting train, sure it’s going to pull away while I watch in limbo. Finally, my stalling travel partners realize, in their rush, they were using a broken gate! Kenia sprints through and we’re about to jump on, 60 yards away, when we notice Mom is still stalled, frantically swiping the card at the gate! In what feels like slow-motion seconds, she finally flies through, and we jump on the train with mere moments before the doors slide shut. We soon learned, in her fluster, she was trying to use her Oyster Card and not the train ticket. *facepalm*

This is our start to the quiet, calm, countryside.

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