Hungover & Sleep Deprived with Murphy

“If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong. If there is a worse time for something to go wrong, it will happen then.” – Murphy’s Laws

We almost checked “Murphy” in here.

Exhausted from only two hours of sleep, we dragged our hung over, sleep deprived selves out of bed and made our way towards the airport. Despite the our failing state of being, I enjoyed the walk through the streets of Dublin bright and early in the morning… watching the city wake up. There wasn’t a lot going on besides street cleaners and garbage men going about their work. Some pastry shop owners were opening doors and sweeping. It was quite opposite from the crowded, lively streets of the night before…. only a few hours ago. We lugged our bags, while mom scowled behind us with her rolling suitcase on the cobblestone streets. Today was particularly hard on her! We’ve already nicknamed her “Blackfinger” (similar to my friend Arlene last  year) due to the ailments she was already suffering after only a couple of days on the road. Ironically, upon entering the hostel, she rested on the steps… directly in front of a sign of “Murphy’s Law!” I couldn’t make this up! Well, she does seem to be living proof of “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” We quickly opted to call her Murphy instead.

True to form, with Murphy in tow, we arrived in London (after almost missing our flight) only to discover the main Tube line we needed was down ONLY the days we were there. How convenient. This resulted in multiple connections the first go round and our exhausting trip took even longer than necessary… especially considering we couldn’t find the hostel right away once on foot.

Wandering around the Camden/Hampstead area for a while, we turn a corner and face a lovely Victorian style building… our hostel! (It really looked more like a B&B) Mental “Thank you, Jesus. Finally. and Hallelujahs” said we settle in. Inside the hostel it’s all cherry wood and hardwood flooring continuing the nice Victorian feel, complete with the large staircase. My favorite feature was the curtains on the beds, allowing for a private, cozy feeling.

Finally dropping our bags in the room, we got a second wind. “We”…  meaning Kenia and I, because Murphy.. ahem… I mean Mom, opted to stay in this night. She is utterly exhausted and ill from the night out and I truly thought she might pass out! I give her credit for keeping up all night…it was a crazy night, but doing it up in Dublin took its toll. She says she can’t fathom staying up late or drinking with ‘the kids’ again. She says it with such disgust in her voice, one would think we asked her to fill in for the local barnyard masturbator. (True job! I saw it on some show. I swear… but I digress.) We go out and join her for a quick meal at a small restaurant down the street, drop her safely back at the room and head into Central London to meet a friend of Kenia’s that lives here. Our first night out in London shall be spent in Covent Garden.

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