Castles, college, churches, and Lady Justice’s flaws.

“When I die, Dublin will be written on my heart.” – James Joyce

Arriving in Dublin, we dragged our overpacked bags through the streets, into the Temple Bar area. Temple Bar consists of a series of winding, thick cobblestone streets. THIS is the reason I’ve been encouraged not to bring luggage with wheels. My mom is getting seizures of the arms trying to wheel her suitcase through the streets…constantly sticking in deep rivets.

On the corner of our desired streets was the flagstone, bright red, Temple Bar. The bar is actually named after the area, and not the reverse…but apparently most people think the opposite. Lucky little devils, the owners of that bar, snagging the name. If that was a dotcom website, they wouldn’t have stood a chance because surely some kid would have purchased it and made them buy the rights to the name. I digress…

A quick stop in the hostel to drop our heavy weights aka luggage and we’re out to see the city. Wandering along Dam Street (which runs parallel to River Liffey) we popped into a quaint little bistro called “the larder.” (<– I’m not being lazy, it just actually wasn’t capitalized.) I highly recommend the place. It is one of those spots that would be popular in any city. If it was in San Diego, Hillcrest would surely be the spot. My scrumptious meal had a cheese that I absolutely must find back in San Diego…so if anyone knows where I can find a really good applewood smoked cheddar, please let me know. Soooo good.

After lunch, we walked across the street to join the New Europe Dublin walking tour. I had discovered these free tours when I was researching Berlin. They aren’t your standard stuffy tours, but walking tours that take you all around the city. The guides are young, lively people who really have passion for their city. I like to do self-guided walking paths in a new city, and since we didn’t know much Irish history, we thought we should try it. It was great.

5 responses to “Castles, college, churches, and Lady Justice’s flaws.

  1. I definitely agree with how Frieda brought it all to life…she was great! I would recommend this to anyone who is planning on visiting Dublin.

  2. So. Insanely. Jealous.


    It looks beautiful! And it appears like you are having a fantastic time! 🙂

  3. WOW! Great history lesson, which reminded me of so many different movies. 🙂 These are beautiful pics. Your writing once again makes me feel like I was actually there!


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