Things I Learned in Kilkenny

Just a quickie post as we pop into the hostel en route to the Guinness Factory. More tomorrow!

1. It is a rookie mistake to grab for your Guinness before the bartender has topped it off. I was judged.

2. Apparently in order to imitate an American accent one only needs to start each phrase with “Oh my gawd, like…”

3. Guinness is NOT a beer…it is a “stout.” *Get it right.*

4. Wood is different from women because wood will sit there and hold your beer. *long story*

5. All Irish students learn Gaelic in school, but only 2% use it in general population. You don’t use it….you lose it!

6. The more Irishmen drink…the more I feel like I’m in the movie Snatch.

7. Irishmen are suspicious of anyone that would leave “sunny California” for “fekkin’ Ireland in March!”

4 responses to “Things I Learned in Kilkenny

  1. ahhh, St. James Gate!! Visiting the Guinness factory was the highlight of my European trip 🙂 Miss you already!!! Safe travels!

  2. I burst out laughing when I read your comment about the movie “snatch.” I seriously couldn’t sit through it! Chris kept laughing and I would add a few fake chuckles but in my head, I had NO IDEA what anyone was saying! I hope you’re having a great time! I miss you!


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