Things I Learned While Packing

*I learned that I’m a sneaky wench…forcing myself to buy a smaller bag to force myself to pack lighter. I wish I could give my earlier “clever” self a nice thump on the head for the “bright idea.”

*I learned that sacrificing a rain coat in favor of more scarves might bite me in the ass when it rains… as it surely will… in England. (Putting all faith into my trusty umbrella)

*I learned while packing my toiletry kit, that I use many more items to get ready every morning than I imagined. And I thought I was pretty simple. I can’t imagine what the MAC girls need to pack! Probably an extra bag.

*I learned that packing cubes are a brilliant way to get organized!


6 responses to “Things I Learned While Packing

  1. I miss you already 😦 I will keep my fingers crossed that if it rains in Europe it will only be a light sprinkle 🙂

    • I was a tough decision, but I finally decided to go with Touching the Velvet by Sarah Waters. I plan to purchase another book at Shakespeare’s in Paris!

  2. Umbrellas are better than raincoats! The thing I hated about my raincoat is that it would always be wet when I needed to pack it. I would have rather had an umbrella.


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