Stress, tornadoes, phones, and ‘Is it March yet?!’

“Sometimes it’s important to work for that pot of gold.  But other times it’s essential to take time off and to make sure that your most important decision in the day simply consists of choosing which color to slide down on the rainbow.” ~Douglas Pagels

Soooo, I’m slacking on posting again, but considering my life has not consisted of much more than work, stress, an almost breakdown and routine family’s not surprising.

Highlights Lowlights

*San Diego had an incredibly unusual rain storm take over the city for over a week, complete with pelting rain, car accidents, hail, and even a tornado warning in North County. One of the best things about moving from the Midwest  6 years ago was I thought I no long had to deal with tornadoes…one of my biggest fears. Throughout this gloomy period the city practically tried to shut down and I was confident, on multiple occasions, that our 17th floor office windows would collapse under the pressure of the hurricane like wind. Ok, so not a big deal in general, but when the temperature only changes by about 25 degrees throughout the year in Southern California, this strange behavior of Mother Nature is shocking!

*I’ve been dealing with DeutschBahn, about two missing train tickets that were shipped from Germany. After being advised of the ship date, which was a month ago, I contacted the US Post Office and was basically told…”Sorry, you’re out of luck. They were probably lost, mis-routed, or torn during the rainstorm. It happens. Blah blah blah.” Um…WTF?! The first ticket came just fine. Luckily, after much correspondence (which I will note DBahn is very efficient with), they told me I could repurchase my tickets and after my journey, send the replacement tickets for refund. The catch is they want me to buy them at the ticket stand and I prefer to buy the Dauzer-Special rate online for half the price, and not pay full price at the Berlin train station and hope I get my refund. I decided to suck it up, buy the same tickets twice and deal with it. Frustrating process. Fingers crossed I can get a refund for the replacement online tickets.

*Most recently, I’ve tried to do some research on which EU Pay-As-You-Go cell phone plan is the best to go with. Last year, I just went with payphones, but it would be handy to have a phone to make plans with new friends, confirm any travel planning stuff, and just for plain ol’ convenience. I don’t plan to use it much, but it will be handy and I can use it for future travel. I don’t dare bring my iPhone thanks to horror stories of $800 bills.  So, I’m scrounging through information on mobile phone tariffs (which are cell phone plans in British I finally figured out after about 5 minutes on the site trying to find the cell plans wondering why I would care so much about taxes or tariffs to justify a whole section on them). There are standard rates, international rates, roaming rates, international roaming rates and oh-my-god-which-is-which…-and-when…-and-how-will-I-ever-know rates. There is a ‘Passport’ plan with Vodaphone and a ‘My Europe’ bolt-on with O2 that help lower the pence per minute rate or pence per text rate. Thank goodness, my good  British friend, Becca helped me out and recommends I go with O2. Phew.

I am, thankfully, a month away from my 3 weeks abroad. Throughout the work stress and other frustrations… anticipation of this trip has kept me (almost) sane!!


6 responses to “Stress, tornadoes, phones, and ‘Is it March yet?!’

  1. I hope you have so much fun on your abroad! I wish I had the means to go abroad. I am sorry about the weather though, and the lost tickets.

  2. Tisha, a month to go until we meet! Yippeeee! I hope you have a great time with your mum and friend first and then when you come here don’t worry about the shitty £ exchange rate – you’ll be at The Hotel du Boof and will have your own private chauffeur to save those pennies. Oh and we also have our own chef – Dave is going to cook for us (I’m a crap cook and Dave loves it so he has offered).

    • I am so so so so excited for my stay at “Hotel du Boof.” 🙂 We are going to have so much fun!!

      P.S. Thanks again for the help sorting out the cell phone stuff!


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