Yes, the holiday season is in full effect

“Once again, we come to the Holiday Season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice.” – Dave Barry

What I have been up to lately can be summarized quickly.

I’ve been shopping for gifts, wrapping presents, and working on all of the lovely end of year reporting and January preparation… just to start doing it all over again. How did January come around the corner so quickly?! I remember when I was younger and months lasted ages. Two weeks before Christmas, felt like two years… summer break was a lifetime. Now I blink and it’s the holidays, BAM, just like that. I usually look forward to my standard week off the week of Christmas, but this year I’m staying in the office so I can save some PTO days for my upcoming Europe trip in March. It will probably be me and maybe one other person working since everyone around me takes the last two weeks off. No problem though, me and my iPod will have a grand ol’ time.

This season also comes with the multiple “White Elephant” gift exchanges at every holiday luncheon…both work related and social parties. You know the game where somebody picks a gift and the next people can steal it or pick a new gift over and over until a gift is “dead.” The game where everyone keeps trying to get the gift cards, the Starbucks packages, or the alcohol…while leaving the platter or other odd gift on the table, making the anonymous purchaser feel a bit slighted. My standard go to, when in doubt, is those alcohol gift packages you can find at Costco and BevMo. Everyone can always use alcohol…even if they don’t drink, they know someone that does, or can bring it to one of their billion holiday parties. 🙂

That all said, I love this season.

Happy Holidays everyone!


3 responses to “Yes, the holiday season is in full effect

  1. Wow! I got short of breath just reading all you have to do…haha. I agree with you on the White Elephant gift. Alcohol is a definite fail-safe (and chanclas)! And I’ll be working Christmas week, so I’ll keep you company as well…haha.

    • Haha. I considered the chanclas, but you know… there are so many “rules” when you can wear them I refrained. 😉


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