Today was my kinda day

“Unless each day can be looked back upon by an individual as one in which he has had some fun, some joy, some real satisfaction, that day is a loss.” – Anonymous

Well, today was the kind of work day I wish I always freakin’ had.

We had a corporate holiday team building get-together today. We started with ice skating at the mall downtown. I was a rock-star rollerskater when I was young, but I’ve never ice skated before, despite everyone saying to me all day, “Aren’t you sooooo used to this since you grew up in the MidWest.. you know… with snow and stuff.” and I would reply, “Noooo, in fact it was so balls cold that we would rollerskate, in the heated indoors, instead.” The skating-in-Southern-California-in-a-light-sweater-complete-with-a-scarf-just-to-be-cute, is not quite like the hard core-snow-pants-bubble-coat-face-mask-gloves-AND-mittens-only-skate-for-30-minutes-lest-you-actually-freeze-and-get-hypothermia type skating it would’ve been in December back home. So…again…we skated indoors. Suffice to say, I didn’t actually ice skate today. I didn’t want to complete a face plant fall in front of all my co-workers, including my boss who would tease me for days, so I refrained. Besides, the weather was beautiful and I was having a grand ol’ time simply chatting with all of the other non-skaters being happy we weren’t at work at 10:30am, watching other people face plant. Good times.

After work, we enjoyed a luncheon where everyone, despite the powers-that-be’s attempt to get people to mingle, just sat with their regular teams and cliques. I had a blast laughing with my co-workers playing “Would you rather..” You know the game; someone asks a question with two answers to choose between..usually both horrible scenarios in which you would never do either, but you know….you have to because…I don’t know there is no way not to supposedly. Examples: Would you rather… never leave your state or never be able to return to your country again. Or would you rather… drink a bucket of spit or eat a bowl of boogers. The list is endless. This game has the potential to get a bit sketchy with co-workers, and despite all the execs being within earshot (um, and my boss at the table) we had a blast anyway. My stomach hurts from all the laughing.

To top it all off, tonight I’m going to my favorite symphony! Beethoven’s 9th. My brother and I have a tradition of going almost every holiday season as this particular symphony is only presented once a year at Copley Symphony Hall here in San Diego…for one weekend only. It’s a fabulous symphony, complete with no intermission. Yay! So it’s about time to get dressed up, hit the streets back downtown, meet a couple friends, and tie up my day with a pleasant evening listening to Beethoven.

Oh yeah, and I got the tickets half-off thanks to a TravelZoo alert. Sa-weet!

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