my family’s list of things we’re thankful for

“Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.” ~W.J. Cameron

Here we are… lounging around, completely gorged, at my mom’s house after a delicious Thanksgiving meal. We don’t often do this so I thought right now was a perfect time to compile a list of all the things we (my brother, 9 & 10 y/o kids, mom, and myself) are thankful for.

In no particular order, by no particular person.
-Second chances
-The smell of books.
-A new day.
-Music’s abilty to transport me to another place.
-The people that invented puzzles and write books.
-The love of family.
-Having choices.
-Upbeat attitudes
-The smile after a reassuring touch.
-Conversations with strangers and new friendships.
-Taking time to listen to elderly people’s stories when they just want to share.
-A productive day
-Outdoor music-fests
-Getting to know yourself.
-Reminiscing about hilarious moments with old friends.
-The first minute after your baby is born.
-Waking up and discovering a new city.
-The smell of bacon.
-People-watching at random places.
-Wash clothes.
-Unexpected moments.
-Babies giggles and childrens belly laughs.
-The sigh of relief after finishing a big project.
-Travel photography.
-Fresh sheets.
-A pile of unread books.
-Looking through old photographs.
-Friends and family to come home to.
-The sound of a fan when sleeping.
-A crisp new morning before the world wakes up.
-A meeting-free day.
-The fact that hope exists.
-Playing with the neighbors dog.
-Reading travel blogs.
-Comfy PJs.
-Chocolate and wine.
-Nature’s beauty.
-Healthy bones and body.
-The 5 Senses.
-Foot massages.
-Indoor plumbing.
-Creative expression.
-Sleep after a week of insomnia.
-The option to see the world.

And finally… taking moments to appreciate the little things.


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