Gotta Love Kids

“While we try to teach our kids all about life , our kids teach us what life is all about.” – Angela Schwindt

I am reading over my 8 year old son’s birthday list right now and wanted to share. Here is what it says:

My Birthday List

What I want for my birthday is:
1. Transformers
2. Lakers jersey
3. Coloring by Numbers
4. a Video Game
5. Matchbox cars
6. Puzzles
7. Rush Hour car game
8. a yo-yo and iPod like Kiyah’s (his sister)

When you are done with this you can get me anything you want for my birthday. You are a very good mom and nice mom.

P.S. I love you so much with all my heart.

It is so sweet at the end, but I’m cracking up at how nice it is that he is allowing me to get “anything I want” “when I am done with this.”

Haha. Goodness.


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