I Heart Shutterfly!

I just received my much anticipated Europe photobook from Shutterfly today!

It took me some time to create it and I included my blog posts along with the pictures to have a fully inclusive keepsake. I love photobooks; they are such a great way to use all the digital pictures that would otherwise collect dust on a hard drive or disc. I also like using the collage pages to throw in the random snapshots you would never use anywhere else..such as street signs, pics of food, or the multiple ‘out at the bar’ photos etc. In the end, the collage pages really reflect the full picture. The pictures look even better in my book than they do online; I was pleased…for my non-professional photographer self. I suck at scrapbooking, but I can photobook my butt off! 😉

Click to view photobook.

2 responses to “I Heart Shutterfly!

  1. What an awesome idea! That’s the thing about digital photos – you take so much of them and unless you put them on facebook it’s a pain to get people to see them. Unless you develop them all, and make albums by hand, which takes time. This seems a lot easier and the finished product looks SO amazing.


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