Memorial Day Weekend

“There aren’t enough days in the weekend.” – Rob Schmidt

I love long weekends. I especially love the type of weekends I just enjoyed…a pleasant, relaxing one with family, friends, a good book, and down time.

My office closed at 2:00 so I was free earlier than normal on Friday. Free to enjoy the beautiful weather and start my long weekend. I spent the day outside with a book and the evening inside with a movie.

Seaport Village

Seaport Village

Saturday, I kept to my plan of getting out and about in my own city every weekend. Me, my mom, and my daughter spent the day at Seaport Village down by the harbor. We joined all the tourists popping in all the kitschy shops, staring out at the water, watching people fly kites, and then grabbed a lunch on this great restaurant that rests over the water on stilts. I recently discovered this place a few months ago and enjoyed the best calamari I’ve ever had. It was a pleasant lunch. My mom and I started talking about dreams and plans; I realized we had never had a conversation like this about HER dreams. At 26, it was startling realization to reflect and note that I had no idea what my own mother’s current ambitions are. It was a great moment shared.

"Unconditional Surrender"

“Unconditional Surrender”

After lunch, we strolled down to the USS Midway, which is an a retired navy air craft carrier that is now a museum (apparently the only navy ship in the U.S. that people can tour). I’ve been here before, but today we took time to stroll the memorials and statues around it on the grass below. I spent some time appreciating the detail of the large statue, “Unconditional Surrender.” It’s made from the famous photograph of a sailor kissing a nurse, marking the end of WWII. As the tourists were snapping pictures of everything, I remembered being like that in Europe. I also remembered that San Diego is a pretty nice place to live…and I need to start seeing all the things the tourists see! There is still so much I haven’t taken the time to enjoy; I need to wander San Diego more.

Sunday was spent with the classic Memorial Day BBQ. My friends birthday barbecue actually. It was a perfect day to enjoy food, friends, and the sun. Too much food though..ugh..way too much food.

Today, as soon as I get off this computer…I’m jumping on my bike, heading to the trails on the lake and stopping at the park to read after the ride. I just need to get some fresh air and the day is too perfect to be inside.

It’s unfortunate I have to go back to work tomorrow. I could spend many days like this.

3 responses to “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. See, that is exactly what I told Patrick about moving back to Portland. When we go back I want to actually EXPLOrRE the city more. Like San Diego ( Sans Beaches) Portland has SOOOO much to see and do. Brilliant minds think alike!!

  2. …it was a great moment for me too…u made me realize that I have spent so much time caring about others…not that I would change a moment of it…to realize that I forgot about my own personal goals that I once had…I was almost embarrassed that I couldn’t answer that question at first…and then of course, I began with my travel aspirations I never got to fulfill….but, when it came to deep, spiritual, emotional, mental goals….I was speechless…I decided at that moment…quietly…that the next time that you asked me that…I would have an answer for you! Thank you for the moment, Tish…I appreciate and love you….always!


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