I’m trying to become the person I want to be. It won’t happen just by wishing and wanting. So I’m working.

I’m still getting to know myself. Still. And learning more and more. I’m growing into somebody new. No. Somebody even better. And I it feels good.

I’m waiting. For a dream I will make happen.

My dream is just a collection of my ambitions. So what are my ambitions?

ambition*Backpack Europe again. In the next 18 months.

*Read at least 25 of the 78 unread books I own. Before I buy new ones.

*Becoming a traveler in my own city and state.

*Piano. Get one, learn it, play it.

*Learn another language. Enough for conversation.

*Become a better saver. Now.

*Practice Photography.

*Maintain a healthier diet. More fresh & homemade foods.

*Encourage my kids to reach their potential. In all things. And live their own dreams.

*Move to Europe. At least 3 Years.

*Own my home. Once I know where I want to land.

*See the World. Including more of my own country.

2 responses to “Ambition

  1. Those are great ambitions, and attainable! Sometimes I think people make ambitions they’re not ready to reach for, so they get easily discouraged. If that makes sense?



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