I’ve Been Busy


Ponte Vecchio in Florence

I’ve been asked why I am slacking on my posts!  I just returned from my month in Europe and have been diligently updating my travel blog, since I stopped posting my last week overseas. Only four more posts to go! Yay!

Now that my fantastic trip is over (sob) I can at least relive it through memories. I will note too, that it sometimes took major time and energy to pause during my travels to update my blog. Having a laptop would be handy, but there was not an ounce of space in my backpack for one! I had to rely on internet cafes and hostel computers when available.

But, alas, my holiday has come to an end…the real world has taken back over. As soon as I am out of my catching-up-on-all-the-things-I-missed craziness…I will surely be thinking of things to ramble and rant about on here. 🙂 In the meantime, my head is still in Europe, I am planning my next trip already, and trying to figure out how soon I can move there for a few years.

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