Bon Voyage Europe!

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Suess

Thus begins our last night in Rome. Our last night in Europe as well.

After our afternoon at Vatican City we head to the Trevi Fountain in search of the supposed “Best Gelato Place in Italy”, San Crispino. Arlene is on a mission.This humble, nearly hidden little shop is off on a side street so it took  us a minute to find. I notice a NY Times billboard on the front, stating the same claim of “The Best.” Personally, all gelato is delicious to me, so I don’t see a difference. Gelato in hand we peek back at the Trevi Fountain and head to the Borghese Gardens.

The Metro dumped us on the outskirts and after much wandering we could not find the main area. I think we were on the wrong side. We’re over it and my feet hurt so we just head back. I guess it is just a day to miss stuff I think after remembering how we also “missed” the Sistine Chapel. Yes…I’m still bitter about it.

Back at the hostel, we relax for a bit and get ready for our Bon Voyage Europe night out. It’s Friday night in Rome, so we are heading down to Trastavere and Testaccio, where all the bigger bars and nightclubs are. We get directions from our friendly English hostel bartender.. H bus, got it. Since it’s early we hang out with some fellow hostelers at the bar and they decide to join out for the night.


Good times and good friends.

We eventually make it after sitting with a crowd on a non-moving bus, until another bus driver decides to fill everyone in on the fact that bus is faulty somehow and we all have to switch buses. Ok… Upon arriving in Trastavere we’re greeted with activity. Rome is alive. There are bars scattered all along the streets. A couple of street performers are acting out some comedy routine in the square, so we pause to watch for a moment. Grabbing a drink at a wine bar, we find ourselves next to a solo traveler who is hilarious and joins us as well. The more the merrier…besides, now there are two British boys in my company and I adore the accent! We start capturing the night on film…literally film. Since my camera is “the last camera standing” I didn’t want to risk losing it on the last night since I knew we were partying tonight. Arlene still had her disposable camera from the day we separated in Venice so she brought it along. I couldn’t help but laugh every time it got brought out. A bright yellow disposable…wind the film, charge the flash…snap! Haha… oh how times have changed in the digital age. 🙂 Luckily both the boys had their cameras along so we weren’t completely dependent on the dinosaur disposable. (I unfortunately am not the keeper of the drunken photos and someone hasn’t sent them to me yet..ahem, John!…so I only have a couple to break up my rambling text.)

Some things are hard to describe

Some things are hard to describe

A bit more bar hopping… a lot of photo taking …tequila shots with the bartender…and soon its 2am and we’re all on our way to Testaccio to continue the night. Testaccio is lined with what, in my very buzzed state of mind, endless clubs lining the street. I’m thinking, Gaslamp in San Diego, but more out of way. We have a grand ol’ time and finally are ready to call it a night and jump in a cab. How did it become 5am?? The club was still packed!

During the cab ride home a Stevie Wonder jam came on the radio, to which we all shared a karaoke moment singing to it. Suddenly, I notice we are passing the Coliseum. So yeah, I didn’t forget we were in Rome, but this is amazing! Drunken singing in a cab…and BAM…the Coliseum…just cruising by. I stop to appreciate this amazing structure and try to get the others to do the same. The ignored me and kept singing. I stared out the back window, completely able to appreciate how cool this was and then promptly joined back in on the song. We got back to the hostel, but I stayed up talking with one of the guys for a while. Suddenly, I’m strolling back in the room at 7am just in time to pack and leave for the airport.

It was a proper Bon Voyage party. I will miss Europe SO MUCH!


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