I Love Positano!

“Relaxation means releasing all concern and tension and letting the natural order of life flow through one’s being” – Donald Curtis

1451Waking up a little bit late, we have decided to stick to the plan and take the hour long scenic bus ride along the Almafi Coast get out at Positano on the return trip. The bus drove us along the winding, coastal roads from Sorrento to Almafi.

My thoughts ranged from “Stunning!” “Wow!” and “Gorgeous!” to “OMG, I hope we don’t fall off this cliff!” It was a crazy ride. Picture this large blue “SITA” bus maneuvering along these small roads, high above the sea on a cliff with blind corners and only a 3 foot ledge to keep one from plummeting into the Mediterranean! Our bus driver was a fun, very friendly, cheery young guy. He would honk in quick repetition prior to every blind turn to warn any cars coming from the other direction. On a few occasions, we would confront another blue bus bring people the other way, in which both buses would need to stop, back up, and squeeze past each other with a 5 inch gap between. I was completely amused, but there were clearly other passengers on the bus with weaker nerves.The view were priceless and well worth this adventure.

the other bus... right beside us!

the other bus… right beside us!

We arrive in Almafi and promptly ask our bus driver when the next bus will be leaving. Confused he tells us the time of the final bus back to Sorrento that evening. I correct him, saying “No, the next bus.” I am sure he thinks we’re crazy since we have only JUST arrived after an hour long ride. I consider explaining that our intentions were just the view and Positano was our primary destination (the first picturesque town we passed through after Sorrento), but instead stick with my prior comment. He tells us his bus leaves in 15 minutes. We grab water, wander a bit, take pictures, and watch a bit of soccer in the store across the way while waiting for my friend. He meets us in there, and probably still confused, reconfirms that we are taking his bus! He wonders if we have already done Almafi. Either that or he thinks we are just crazy Americans that have perhaps lost our way. We discuss his home soccer football team, Naples, that is playing and soon we are back on the bus on our way to back to Positano.



We’re dropped at the top of the town and walk down through more adorable, tiny stone streets, past a bunch of shops with beachwear, art, and the limoncello that Sorrento is known for. It doesn’t take us long to reach the water and ultimately Gaetano’s restaurant. We immediately note that it is siesta time as all the waiters and cooks are sitting in groups at the tables of the restaurants eating their meals. Gaetano spots us, tells us he was expecting us around lunchtime (it is about 6:30pm now), and grabs us a table facing the water. I tell him time gets away from me here…it doesn’t help, I suppose, that I have no watch and absolutely no agenda today. He and his friend bring us glasses of wine, a sample of cheese and bread, and pizza. Ahhh…could I be any happier right now?

We spend the next three hours or so here with a view, wine, cheese, bread, and a small salad. We talk to an American couple on vacation next to us for a while and eventually…we should’ve known…are brought limoncello shots. Oy. Soon it is time to leave this peaceful heaven and return to the hostel. We were told there was a big party tonight, never mind the fact that we aren’t quite sure what time the last bus leaves. Oh no! Climbing back up through the streets of Positano, in a pleasantly buzzed state of mind, we are told the last bus is at 10. (It is 10:10!) Someone else tells us it is 11. I guess we shall see! We eventually make it to the top and learn we have not missed the last bus. Phew! However, by the time we arrive in Sorrento, we have missed the last train. Oy. Oh well, it is only one stop…but we luckily get a ride, since we really, really didn’t want to walk it at this point.

We make it back to the hostel and there is definitely a party. The place is jam packed! We enjoyed the rest of our evening and meet a new roommate, Jen. We have all decided to check out Capri tomorrow.

Another great day in the Almafi Coast.


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