I’ve Arrived in Southern Italy: Sorrento

“What you’ve done becomes the judge of what you’re going to do – especially in other people’s minds. When you’re traveling, you are what you are right there and then. People don’t have your past to hold against you. No yesterdays on the road.” – William Least

1566After taking the high-speed train from Florence, with a short stop in Rome, (at which point I nearly jumped off the train…I shall wait though, I will be in Rome after four more nights) we fly through Naples and arrive in Sorrento; the Almafi Coast. We, of course, failed to write directions to our hostel so we immediately need to find an internet café.

Lugging our backpacks down the steps from the station and into Sorrento proper, I suddenly feel like I am in a trendy Los Angeles neighborhood. This is a first glance, clearly a resorty getaway in Southern Italy. High priced stores line the main square and glitzy people in expensive jackets and sunglasses stroll the streets. As if I didn’t already feel like rubbish in my worn-in clothes, messed up train hair, and giant backpack. Geesh.

We finally find an internet café (even this is trendy looking) and discover our hostel is one short train stop back in Sant’ Agnello. (which I never quite learn to say properly) After our sneak peek at Sorrento and a stop for gelato at a shop with WAY too many choices, we are back on the train to back-track the 4 minutes to our proper stop. A short stroll brings up to our temporary home, Seven Hostel, which easily exceeded our expectations in the sense it is more of a trendy hotel than a backpackers hostel! We are SO excited. Not only for the fact we don’t have to change beds for FOUR nights, but also that this place is so nice. The receptionist tells me our rooms is “a Surprise”…Huh?? I was wondering what spectacular surprise awaited us. Then I realize that is the name of the room…Surprise. Oh, hahaha… Our excitement officially peaks when we discover the waterfall showers. What?! I don’t plan to leave the shower I have decided. I eventually do and we venture out.

so many choices!

so many choices!

Our hostel has a bar and I learn, like many San Diego hotels, this is a bar that the locals frequent on the weekends too. Well, fantastic! Tonight there is a taco bar. I’m giddy, since I was just officially missing the Mexican food, we San Diegans eat way too much of. Well, of course, we aren’t near Mexico, so the tacos don’t taste like  they do back home. Oh well…what was I expecting?! Why would they master tacos when the Italians have amazing pastas, wine, and pizzas? Psh.

We mingle and meet some of our new housemates and the hostel staff, including the manager, a young guy named Michele (which I misheard as Miguel and figured that doesn’t sound very Italian and probably isn’t right… so we called him “French Guy” for 3 nights until I made someone ask again. By this time I’ve had so many conversations with him it was extremely inappropriate to ask his name again! I should note that he is NOT French, but Italian. Don’t ask.) I had been wanting a scooter ride since I arrived in Italy and Michele promised to give me my coveted scooter ride sometime during my stay. Yay, finally!

After a couple of drinks, Arlene and I venture outside to a wine bar we were just told about. After a couple tasty glasses and people watching,we decide to stroll back to the hostel bar. Wow, it was packed! I met some great people and had some fantastic conversations. One of the people I met, Gaetano, invited us to the restaurant he works at in Positano after learning our plans to wander the coastline tomorrow. Very cool, we shall pop by. At the end of the evening, I grabbed a quick scooter ride around Sorrento with Gaetano. Whoo hoo! It was fantastic cruising along the streets at night combined with my buzz and the beautiful evening weather.

It was a nice opening evening on the Almafi Coast.

streets of Sorrento

streets of Sorrento


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