Hiking in Cinque Terre

Hiking is Cinque Terre is BREATHTAKING! (not just the hike…but the view!)

Starting in Town #1, Riomaggiore, we jump on the trail. Wow! Stunning views! The hike takes you along the cliffs high above the Mediterranean Sea. To your right are the beautiful, lush green hills of the Cinque Terre and to your left is the endless blue sea and in the distance ahead is the next adorable pastel hill town of Manarola. It is visually overwhelming. I want to take pictures of everything, then I turn a corner and more amazing views await. We hiked through Manarola and then over to Corniglia, Town #3 where we caught the train after our, so far, 2 hours of hiking, back to Monterosso. I will absolutely visit here again and will stay in the same place, Manuel’s Guesthouse.

I already miss the little towns of Cinque Terre.


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