Day 2 in Cinque Terre: Monterosso

“Certainly, in Italy, nobody takes light for granted.” – Barbara Steele

Tonight we were able to secure a room in Monterosso. This is supposedly the recommended Cinque Terre town for younger people since it has more bars, beaches and pubs. When people say that Easter is the peak of the peak in Cinque Terre, I believe it. After the same four minute train ride we were dumped into a complete and utter MESS of tourists. Ugh! I am so incredibly impatient in large crowds, never-mind the fact I am constantly inhaling a random cloud of smoke. Sick! Cigarettes really should be outlawed.

Anyway, I could forgive the frustration of the crowds because it was still gorgeous. People dotted the beach all the way along the walk from New Town to Old Town. The same couples holding hands, families with strollers, and people eating gelato were everywhere. The weather was fantastic and the sea is a beautiful turquoise. Passing through a tunnel, we are now in Old Town where our room is.

I love, love, love our room and recommend it to everyone. Manuel’s Guesthouse is the name and is run by the owners 20-something nephew, Lorenzo. We have a balcony overlooking the town facing the clock tower, the lush green cliffs and the sea! There is a small table and chairs to encourage you to spend the rest of your day there. That’s pretty much what we did. I should note that this view must be earned. You must walk up a little over 100 steps winding through the houses to get there. If I wasn’t so exhausted, I would’ve enjoyed the little maze of stone steps and walkways. Right when we reach the top of the steps, Lorenzo greets us and says, “Lots of steps, yes?” I imagine he says it to save time since I can guarantee that is the first thing everyone says to him when they finally reach the top. Cursed backpacks!

After heading back down to the town to get a pizza, we opted to take it back to our room and enjoy it on the balcony along with our wine and grappa. We sat there for hours enjoying the perfect beauty of Monterosso. High above the city the giant crowd disappears and you can only hear a mild drone of activity. Ahh…relief. I am happy here.


6 responses to “Day 2 in Cinque Terre: Monterosso

  1. No joke!! And their stairs aren’t like our stairs. The ones they sport are steep and narrow. But oh so worth the climb. 😀

    If Tisha wasn’t backpacking it, I would make her bring us some of the jars of pesto from Cinque Terra. Simply delish!!

  2. Janice, I’m still trying to figure out if I can get away with bringing some pesto. It wont be from Cinque Terre, but down here in Almafi its good too. So is the potent limoncello!

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