Train Day & Genoa

“The light at the end of the tunnel is just the light of an oncoming train.” – Robert Lowell

Not much to say about this day since all we did is travel. Blech.

We woke up to pouring rain… good thing we will only be on the train. Today is the eve of Easter Sunday. Ryan is still sick and has decided to fly home early, so he only has a week left now. The Prague flight was expensive so we passed on Prague too. Nice is unattractive in the rain, so suddenly we are heading to Italy early! You won’t hear me complaining!!

There isn’t much to say about the rest of today. I saw a million train stops.

Montpellier to Nimes to Marseille to Nice to Ventimiglia to Genoa. Ugh! Thanks to a completely unhelpful lady at the train center. She tried to tell us that all the trains were booked because of Easter. I wasn’t having it and didn’t want to spend another night in Montpellier, so we hopped on every connection we could get on…I knew the direction. We made it too with no more than a one hour wait in any given station. Exhausting though!!!

Finally, at nearly midnight we are in Genoa, Italy. We don’t even know where we are sleeping. We wander the streets of this completely unfamiliar city. Every hotel is booked…of course…because Easter is in an hour! A nice Italian lady at one booked hotel called her friend at another and secured a room for us. While strolling the dark streets I couldn’t help but notice the multiple gorgeous old buildings and churches. They are on the side of the road like any old house. Just there. Wow! I already love Italy. The most random streets have these amazing structures! Quick night of sleep and we are on another quick train to Cinque Terre!

2 responses to “Train Day & Genoa

  1. That’s sad about the bad weather in Nice, its was beautiful when I was there – looked a lot like San Diego but with pebbles instead of sand so I guess it’s not too bad as you can probably imagine it. 🙂 So happy you posted. Can’t get enough. More please. hahaa xoxo


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