Surprise Fun in Montpellier, France

“I think it’s my adventure, my trip, my journey, and I guess my attitude is, let the chips fall where they may.” – Leonard Nimoy

So here we are…in Montpellier, France. We chose it only because it was a halfway stop between Barcelona and Nice. We have no idea what one does here, since it isn’t a tourist spot at all. I was down though…we shall see.

The stars align for us in the sense that the elusive laundromat is right NEXT DOOR to our hotel!  Also, there is a corner shop (for the water we constantly carry) and we’re based directly in front of the tram stop. Our hotel is a small apartment…I see you get more for your money in Montpellier!

The weather is gray so we’re all pretty blah…especially after the long train ride. There is a group of guys lingering outside the laundromat. I keep thinking of the movie Grease since they are all wearing black.  I guess there really ISN’T much to do here if this is the hot spot!  We crack open a bottle of wine in the room and suddenly our spirits rise. Funny how that works. We are told that any action to be had in Montpellier happens at Place de Comedie near the train station, so we head back that way after laundry, rest, showers and the returned feelings of becoming normal human beings again instead of travel weary vagabonds.

    Place de la Comédie in Montpellier

We enjoy a pizza (Ryan got his way) in the square. Our waiters are friendly and joke with us a bit. We get a couple bar recommendations. Strolling down the side streets (the same small stone streets I love in every Euro city) we hear music and see a crowd. In we go. The bar is very colorful with a plethora of shot choices. American hip hop and mashed reggaeton is playing in the speakers. It’s a nice break from the techno we hear everywhere else; although we did hear Neil Diamond during dinner. 😉 The drinks aren’t that good so we hit the streets again. We accidentally come across the name of the bar our waiter told us. It looks empty and only two guys stand outside. Can’t hurt to check it out we think. In we go, turn a corner and BAM…the entire town’s 20-something population is here! It’s a pirate themed bar and rum is the specialty. Endless rows of thin colorful glass bottles on the bar. We start meeting locals right away. Everyone loves San Diego (or California) and Barack Obama apparently. 🙂

Pirate Bar in Montpellier, France

It is late in the night and the crowd is swaying, cheering, singing, and having a grand ol’ time. Ryan still hasn’t kicked his cold, so he bails about about 1:30. Shortly after Ryan left, we met a fun crowd celebrating their friend Damien’s birthday and are invited to join their party. I’m getting to know the first guy I met, David while we wait for his friends to get food. The night proceeds…dogpiles in the square, late night carousel rides, and a ton of photos taken and we arrive at the next bar where we stay until 4:00am. A lot of rum, a lot of “Cheers” (or “Sante!”) and many of the triple cheek kisses that everyone here does and we call it a night.

I had a blast with this crowd! They invite us to join the birthday festivities the next evening. They have rented bungalows on the beach and will be BBQ’ing and continuing the party. We say we will call them tomorrow. Who knows? We truly considered it, but then decided to continue our travels to Nice instead.

Surprisingly enjoyable evening in Montpellier thanks to our new friend Dave and his crew!

Drunken Shenanigans

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