Sightseeing in Barcelona

“Those who look for the laws of Nature as a support for their new works collaborate with the creator.” – Antonio Guadi

Spires of La Sagrada Familia

Finally the sun in shining in Barcelona! We hit the streets to finally catch up on the sightseeing we missed from the gloomy weather. Finally, I see the Barcelona everyone has been raving about. More than the other cities I’ve seen, this one feels a bit more like an American city. Not really…but you know…kind of! We grabbed a quick 3 course lunch,  at a little joint Ryan came across the day prior. I finally tried the Barcelona specialty, paella. Not too shabby coming from a non-seafood lover. I did pass on eating the prawn that came on the side though. I of course grabbed a picture of him though… him and his beady little black eyes.  Food and a quick espresso (I may never drink a full coffee again) and we are on the road.

First stop, La Sagrada Familia. WOW! I had heard both Crystal and David rave about this Gaudi masterpiece and man are they right! It lives up to its praise. Gaudi’s style is unmistakable and scattered all over this city, but La Sagrada Familia takes the cake….even though it isn’t scheduled to be completed for another 50 years. I will link it rather than provide you all with a virtual tour. 🙂 We take the elevator to the top and the view is priceless. We all took a “Real World” photo at the top with all of Barcelona in the background. On the way down, you take a tiny spiral stairway to the bottom. The spiral is so tight you quickly become dizzy! I, of course, loved it because I felt like I was in a castle as there were tiny stone windows looking out all along the way.

Next, we continue our Gaudi tour and come upon Park Guell. I hear he intended for this to become a community, but it instead became a pleasant park. Arlene says this is her favorite, but I think she is high from the absinthe, because nothing compares to Sagrada Familia. IMHO that is. Park Guell was pretty awesome though…I would love to see what I looks like without a million and one people flooding every surface and ledge though!

After racing to grab bread, edam cheese, and meat at the grocery store we cruise through Olympic Park on a bus. It is evening now in Barcelona and I am freezing my fingers off. *Sigh* the price I pay for being the group photographer. I guess I have no choice though, since Arlene’s camera was pick-pocketed in the Madrid metro and Ryan’s somehow got broken. We’ve taken to calling Arlene “Blackfinger” because everything she touches or owns gets lost or broken! I truly have the last camera standing. Major pressure.

Calling it a day, train to Carcassonne in the bright and early morning. My first real night of sleep in Spain is upon me!


3 responses to “Sightseeing in Barcelona

  1. I can’t wait to see all the great pictures I’m sure that you are taking, Tisha. As i read i can picture what your describing, pretty cool!

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  3. I never have good luck with cameras either..

    Also, I neglected to tell you that I went to the beach on sunday, and guess what I saw??!



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