The Other La Rambla

“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.” – Steven Wright

La Rambla

Ok, new day. The sun is still not shining in Barcelona, but it is dry. We did necessary errands and hit the streets. None of us had really researched Barcelona, so we just headed to the popular Catalunya Square and La Rambla to see what would happen. La Rambla, the location of our seedy prior night, was now packed full of people, street performers, and shops. There are kiosks dotted all along the boulevard selling anything from flowers to birds. Ew. Our cab driver told us last night, there was a big soccer match today, and it is evident on the street. Barcelona vs Germany. We see the German fans in their red clothing all over. Amongst the street chatter there are occasional cheers and team chants. Some were waving their teams flag. Everyone on the streets is happy it seems.

Base of Columbus Monument

At the end of La Rambla is the Columbus Monument. This is in recognition of Columbus´ announcement to Ferdinand and Isabella after he discovered America. It is very tall with statues carved all around it. We turned left to continue wandering near the harbor. We came across a beautiful cathedral that upon googling I learn is the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia. I feel relaxing in this church too… the structures inside are amazing. The ceiling goes on forever. I think I would go to church if we had one like that in SD! While walking in the tiny side streets, we come across a movie being filmed. We pause for a moment to hear a few lines and continue on our way. Turning another random corner, we are now in the Born neighborhood. It is full of tapas bars, gelato shops and small stores. After a bite to eat we pass a cute wine & tapas bar that we decided to pop in for a drink. I love this place! The back wall is filled with wine and jars of peppers. On the bar, there are plates of delicious looking tapas. Brie on baguette, chili peppers, spanish sausage etc. We grab one of the small wooded tables and settle in. While sipping our wine, we can watch the street and the activity around us, yet inside we are warm, merry, and casual. I invite a solo traveler to join us. She is living in Paris for a while, but originally French Canadian. (Quebec) She decides to join us for the night, so we all head out together to try to find a fun discotheque. Remember…we have no idea where we are going in this city. Just wandering…but it is working out because we are coming across great places and things to see.

Tapas Bar

After getting a recommendation from one of the young guys working at the tapas bar, we head west back to La Rambla.

The bar we found is awesome. It is called Museu de Cera. I notice in Europe so many of the streets are tiny and tucked away. So is this bar…Upon entering we pass a random wax bar setting and turn the corner. Wow! We´re in a little forest. I picture a little tree village where fairies would live…maybe its from watching Tinkerbell with Kiyah so much. The dark bar has trees in the middle of the room. The ceiling is branches and leaves. There are small waterfalls and streams along the walls. It is so cute and cozy. The bartenders are really nice and give us another recommendation after this one closes at midnight. On to the discotheque! We dance the night away. I was so proud of myself for realizing I can communicate un poquito in espanol. I had some conversations with the locals at the club. Being in Spain and hearing it so much, brought out the dusty high school Spanish I learned. It also helps that I hear it a lot living in San Diego. I will note that I am SO SICK of smoke. Blech!

5am and we are home in bed. I´ve completely adapted to Spain´s late nightlife.

5 responses to “The Other La Rambla

  1. I told you the cathedral was amazing! and had to laugh when I saw the comment about the Christopher columbus statue…
    Your great at remembering names and locations…Now you have to go to Rome and see the Vatican….
    love you lots and stay away from the rainy night freaks! I didn’t know that the freaks come out in the rain…lol

  2. Aren’t the cathedrals just blowing your mind? I’d be a good Catholic if cathedrals looked like that over here.

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