Madrid: The City I Don’t Sleep In

“Life is something that happens when you can’t get to sleep.” – Fran Lebowitz

Madrid was a whirlwind of a city visit. After my former post at the bar, we continued drinking the giant sangrias and beers. At this point I had only seen a little bit of the city. When we arrived, after endless airports and train stations, I remember coming out of the dungeon Metro station up the stairs to sunlight! Ahhh…The buildings were colorful and Madrid has the same cute stone streets and buildings with potted plants I loved in Paris. After lugging our backpacks through the streets to our hostel and meeting our roommates and fellow travelers, we all immediately grouped up and hit the streets. It is funny that if you have been in the city one day you are officially the tour guide as you know more than us newcomers. Haha. This was Heitor, my Brazilian roommate that was selected. We wandered down to the plaza to sample some tapas, get to know each other, and drink. Then we headed to the hostel bar for the first time and I suddenly remember how much I appreciate California’s no smoking law!

I heard that Spain has a late nightlife, and it is true. I only slept about 8 hours in the 2 and a half days we spent in Madrid. Surprisingly it never caught up with me either. Strange.

My first night, after going out with our new friends and drinking at the bar I crashed a little “early” at 4:30am or so. This was my first experience in a hostel. It was definitely fun having all the people around, someone new to talk to all the time, and at least a couple people that are in the mood to do the same thing you are at any given time. Everyone, EVERYONE, has Facebook, so there has been much contact info exchanging happening.

After finally sleeping at 4:30-5 the night before, we woke up at 8 to get ready to hit the streets of Madrid. The mornings in hostels aren’t has fun as the evenings. It is tough to try to find your clothes and toiletries in the dark so you don’t wake up your roommates. Everything is in baggies, so there was what seemed like ridiculously loud crinkling of ziplock bags, in the silent room. Our backpacks were in lockers so picture me hunched down digging in my locker in the dark attempting to assemble a days worth of clothing. Good thing everything I have matches! The shower wasn’t fun either…trying to shower with all your clothes in a shelf above you. My hair straightener isn’t working with these damn adapters so I have to attempt to not use it and pray the electricity converts appropriately so as not to melt my hair. (I was successful in this later, so my hair isn’t quite as atrocious).

Finally we staggered to breakfast…more croissants and orange juice and hit the streets.


One response to “Madrid: The City I Don’t Sleep In

  1. Sounds SO fun!! Now, I want to go stay in a Hostel and meet new people!! *jealous* I wish I could have gone…

    And, OMG, I would DIE with my straightner not working…


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