A Quickie Post in Madrid

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill

Ok, so it is 1:30am in Madrid and I have discovered the free internet in the bar downstairs from the hostel. Yay, free internet. My travel partners and new friends are confused that I would take a few moments to update my blog, but I must. Who knows when the internet will present itself in such a convenient way again. We have only been in Madrid since 6pm. We settled in the hostel and met our fellow roommates. I already love the hostel. It is an old palace remade. Wow. Who would’ve thought. The character is great. The people are great. My roommates include Sam from Australia, Heitor from Brazil, and Alex from Germany who is meeting up with her other friends. I have also met 3 people from San Diego…random and weird coincidence. Gian Carlo from Canada is so fun as well as Stephen from Ireland. Anyone that knows me well can probably guess that I am flirting with Stephen pretty exclusively because he is from Ireland and has that fabulous Irish, Scottish, English accent I love. Maybe it would be easier to say UK accent, no? I’m not picky. To be honest, he could tell me he hated puppies, rainbows, and long walks on the beach and I would still find him charming. I’m such a sucker for an accent. Ok, I must go…I have been on here longer than the 20 minutes I committed to. Adios for now.


12 responses to “A Quickie Post in Madrid

  1. I hate to state the obvious, but if you had damn well come over here there are quite literally millions of English accents you could have chosen from! But whatever ;o)

    Still so excited to keep reading your fab travels. Where you off to next?

    Boof x

  2. Boof, I know. I thought of that right away… all the english accents. I will be there next time and hopefully its not to far in the future.

    Tonight is our last night in Madrid, tomorrow we leave for Barcelona.

  3. yes, nadia, ive met many more people here. it is primarily because we are staying in a hostel so hanging out in big groups. they are all so great!

    Chrystal….you know it!

  4. Tisha, it sounds like you are having such an amazing time! And what a gorgeous picture!!! I’m sorry I didn’t get to send my best wishes for your SB sendoff! We are all so jealous of your fabulous adventure!!

    And keep flirting with that Irishman…better yet, stuff him in your backpack & drop him off here in NH for me on your way home:) Continued safe travels, girl, and keep having fun!!

  5. Tish,
    I’m so glad to hear your travels are going well… and that you found Paresians (sp?) to not be as rude as rumored… I found the stereotype to be true. Can’t wait to hear what you thought of the Louvre!
    I’m glad to hear you’re not in Italy yet… totally freaked when I saw what was going on over there with the earthquake!
    Love you!
    Be careful and have lots more fun!



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