Things I Learned in Paris

  • Parisians are not rude as  they’re rumored to be…or else we got really lucky and met a bunch of friendly ones!
  • To dress like a Parisian woman, one only needs a nice jacket, a scarf and leggings with boots. Black tights are an option too.
  • There is a bigger, better cheese selection in the grocery stores compared to the U.S. regardless of the store size.
  • The Metro is FANTASTIC!
  • French keyboards are frustrating. Nearly the same, but certain letters are wrong. Just enough to mess you up. (a, w, m, and the period are most notable)
  • I cannot pronounce French words, but feel fancy when I do.
  • My favorite place is Jardin des Tuileries.
  • Half the city seems to drive a black scooter.
  • When I hear a siren, I immediately picture movie scenes of Nazi Germany. ??? Must be burned in my brain from all the sirens heard in the movies. Ryan says he thinks of Princess Diana’s accident.
  • Nutella is delicious and NOT peanut butter like I kept thinking. I had a tasty Nutella banana crepe in Pigalle next door to Moulin Rouge.


5 responses to “Things I Learned in Paris

  1. Your siren response is way more sophisticated than mine which would probably be the Bourne movies. So glad you’re having such a great trip and I’m so glad you discovered Nutella and banana crepes. They’re the best!

  2. I’m glad to hear your thoughts about the rudeness myth. I never really believed it anyway. I’m so glad that your experience in Paris was a wonderful one. Can’t wait to see it someday.

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