Saturday in Paris…

“Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?” – Henry Ward Beecher

Ok, so lame as it sounds, we didn’t hit the streets until 4pm. Oh no. But please remember we didn’t get home until 5am last night. Today we spent what was left of our day wandering around in the Latin Quarter. What an adorable area. P.S. I know I should find another word, but please note that I am now in Madrid, in a bar, using the internet at 1:15am because it is free. Please also note that I can’t figure out how to type an explanation point on this Spanish keyboard so I cant use the appropriate inflection.

So…back to lovely Paris. I loved the Latin Quarter. There was a maze of small alleyways filled with people, cafes, pubs, and shops. People flooded the streets. I was on a mission to find the English bookstore in Paris, Shakespeare and Co. More than anything, I wanted to get pictures for my book club and particularly Jesse, who loves Shakespeare. I was determined to get him pictures. We wandered a couple blocks only to discover it was across the Seine River. DIRECTLY across from the Notre Dame. 1. I was there two days ago. 2. I was across the street when we first got off the metro station. Grrrr…..didn’t notice. Anyway, I took a million pictures of the shop. It was filled with piles of books on the floor on the shelves, and on the walls. For you non-bibliophile friends of mine, I’m sure this doesn’t sound exciting, but it was fabulous.

We next went to a great French restaurant on rue Descartes. After hearing our english, the waitress asked if we were from England…I get that a lot. Upon correction, she said she has a lifelong dream of visiting the US. I should learn to appreciate where I live more. I guess it is attractive to some in Europe. She then said, “I have a dream.” in a perfect MLK voice. It was great! I must say, I have had a fantastic experience with the Parisians. They are not the rude people I hear about. Phew. At dinner, I enjoyed a delicious onion soup. It was fun to not say French onion soup.

Next we headed to Pigalle. The red light district of Paris. All I can say about Pigalle is SEX SEX SEX. It is everywhere. Sex shops, strip clubs and a lot of people trying WAY too hard to hook up in the clubs. That’s it. I had much more fun in the bars of St. Germaine.
We wrapped up our Paris vacation with a quick trip to the Louvre. Then back on the Metro to the train stop. Au revoir Paris. I shall return.

4 responses to “Saturday in Paris…

  1. Awww….you’re the best! I can’t wait to see the pics of Shakespeare’s book shop. I’m glad you’re having the time of your life. And yes, you shall return!

  2. Oh my GOD!!! Tisha, you know just how to make a fellow bookaholic froth at the mouth! I so want to go to Shakespeare & Co.

    Been keeping up to date nearly every day, Tisha, and it sounds like you really are living your dream. Castles and royalty – it’s like they knew you were coming :o)

    Keep having a blast, Tisha, and I will keep beeing jealous.

    Boof xxx

  3. Tisha, that book shop sounds to die for! You’ll have to take me & Jesse & Boof (and the rest of our “club”) there on our SB 2011 trip. You can be our tour guide 😛

    You blog is wonderful…I’m so glad you have had the chance to squeeze in some time to keep us up to speed on your adventure! All of your travels in Paris made me feel like I was running through those gardens with you in a big floofy dress like a bunch of princesses (well, maybe “racing” on the golf carts instead of running, but both would be fun!!)

  4. Aww… so fun!!
    And, now thanks to this blogpost I now know that this word “nonbibliophile” exists!! HAHA..

    And, I’ve heard that about the SEX SEX SEX in the clubs out there… damn!! Horny people eh??
    HAHA! Did you guys have to swat all those people off?? 🙂


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