Frustrating Conversation

Although I like accents, sometimes they make it difficult to even understand English. Here is what I mean:

In a cafe on the Champs Elysees…

Me: (ordering) I will have le poulet avec tart la fraise. (pronounciation surely atrocious)

Cute cashier: Boisson?

Me: (confused, helpless face)

Cashier: Drink?

Me: Yes. Orangina sil vous plait. (relief)

Cashier: And for encore? (with strong accent gesturing at beverages)

Me: Um… (same confused face) I ordered orange. (wondering why he is still gesturing at drinks)

Cashier: Yes. Encore. You get another. (same strong accent…still gesturing)

Me: (dumb embarrased, confused face)

Cashier: Like coffee, or tea? Included in price. (smiles)

Me: oh, oh..ok. Coffee. Merci. (nervous embarrassed laughter)

Cashier: Now?

Me: Um…yes? (confused again…when else?)

Cashier: Really? You can get after you eat.

Me: No, its ok. I will take now. (didn’t want to be stupid and deal with this again!)

Cashier: (smiles) Okay!

*Serious! What the hell… that was the longest conversation ever to order a damn espresso. Haha…laughable though. I felt so dense. Damn my brain for not processing…it is strange to hear foreign conversations and my brain will not convert the random sounds and syllables into tangible words. NOTE: I must learn French. The cutest thing ever is hearing the little French children talk…well, or a cute guy. Oh laa laa..I have no idea what he is saying, but I smile nontheless.


4 responses to “Frustrating Conversation

  1. LOL! Omg that’s hilarious…
    I LOVE the blank, confused, helpless face..
    The same one you had when you said, “Pokerface?? That’s random.”
    OMG I miss you endlessly..


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